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Pig user requirements for processing high quality piglets

Aug 19, 2019
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Pig user requirements for processing high quality piglets:After the pulverizing unit visited the pig farmers, they learned,High quality Suckling pig feed should have good palatability, piglets love to eat but lack dysentery, feed pig than low but fast growth rate,can solve the problem of weaning emergency well, can adapt well to the needs of pig farm scale development, feeding Convenient and affordable, it can withstand the test of the market and the sales volume.
premix production line
Suckling pig feed requires not only a scientific formula with nutrition but also a sophisticated processing technology. How to transform the scientific formula of nutrition into a high quality piglet product is determined by its processing technology, so the formula cannot be easily changed. , reasonable scientific formula, high-quality feed ingredients, coupled with reliable piglet granule processing equipment and the correct process can produce high quality piglet feed.
The main ingredients of suckling pig feed are detoxified soy protein and corn grain starch. The main purpose of processing with pig granules is sterilization. The second is to make starch gelatinization. These are easy to do, and the key is how to be reasonable. Configure feed processing equipment and processes to maximize the gelatinization of dairy pig feed starch while reducing the loss of nutrients to other products, maximizing the processing capacity of premixed units not only reducing the power per unit of output's Consumption, and can reduce the input cost of feed processing.
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