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Purchasing Services/ Agent
Zhengzhou AIX Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd offers cost-effective services to help you make the best decisions regarding the purchase or sale of feed machine. With our extensive knowledge and expertise in feed machine & feed production line and our direct contacts with most of the major global feed manufacturers, we can help you select the feed equipment that will provide the best performance and economic return.
Our feed equipment purchasing services are tailored specifically to your needs. All in 6 simple objectives:
Market positioning is aligned with objectives
Buyers / Sellers are qualified
Best negotiation point is reached
Risk assessment and minimisation
Buyer/ Seller contingencies are closed
Transaction is efficiently managed
We have been involved in noumerous ride transactions and our expertise can be an asset to you. We look forward to your inquiry to see where we can optimize your feed equipment transaction.
Consulting Services
With our extensive contacts throughout the international feed equipment industry, we can help you solve virtually any challenges, from choosing a feed equipment (manufacturer) to building an feed production line.

Whether it involves custom, design and feed production line planning, management, safety, marketing, accounting, legal matters, insurance or financial and tax planning, our team is able to assist you in the best possible way.
Appraisal Services
Feed equipment appraisal and accurate market assessment is essential before you buy, sell, re-finance, or settle an estate.

The value of Zhengzhou AIX Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd is well vetted by the fact that European banks regularly make use of Zhengzhou AIX Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd to determine the value of assets in the feed equipment business. Our independent status ensures that we will give you a sharp and objective appraisal.
Refurbishment Services
Due to our long experience in successfully refurbishing various kinds of used feed equipment, you can trust our team of professionals with any refurbishment project.
Assembly service
With our experience and expertise in dealing with feed equipment, we can help you install and assemble any equipment that you purchased or sold, no matter the size of it.